Richard Reid - Artistic Director

R ichard Reid is the founder of Black Arts Production Theatre Ltd (BAP). Which is a professional theatre company.

As Artistic Director at BAP my aim is to reach a wider audience, producing, creating and directing bespoke theatre productions. Through our work we bring awareness of different social issues that affect the communities we live in.

Through our Drama classes we empower our participants aged 8-16yrs to create solution-focused ideas, to make a difference, through edutainment. We do this through acting out stories written and devised by our own students at our live events.

BAP is an inclusive theatre company to all members of the local and wider community, who would like to enter the world of drama. BAP is here to stay and we will give, up and coming actors the opportunity to perform on stage in front of a live audience.

Hesketh Benoit - Chairman

Chairman Hesketh Benoit is a retired senior Sports Science and Engineering Lecturer who has over 36-years experience working with young people at The College of haringey, Enfield and North East London, in Tottenham where he is well known. He has worked on some important community projects for 25 years such as Stop and Search.

He is still actively running programs in partnership with the Local Authority, providing Basket Ball projects for young people in Turnpike Lane Wood Green also he has a wealth of contacts, which have benefited BAP in the past and to this very day. At present, he is running a group called Men with Voices.

Allistair Bain - Company Director

Allister Bain has over 40 years acting experience, working in theatre/film industry. He is also a published writer and spends his time writing plays for the stage and is often given his time and experience to direct plays for the local community to gain the interest of disadvantaged young people engaging them into the arts.

Andrew Reid - Finance Director

Andrew Reid is a Unison Caseworker who has exceptional skills in managing individual caseloads and staff; he was a former manager at Currys with experience in finance. He is professional in dealing with BAP’s finances and keeps our accounts up to date, ready for our board member to view.

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