BAP Monologue Showcase 2018
Bring Back The Love Thursday 25th July 2019

Our weekly theatre programme will provide a safe, welcoming environment for young people to participate in professional drama, whilst also encouraging peer support, addressing issues around youth violence.
Our work will supplement any theatre young people may be in receipt of through school or provide exposure to the arts for young people who have never experience the arts before.
Through the weekly progression of our programme, we will cover a range of thematic activities including script writing, rehearsals and critiquing of drama performances; this will ultimately help to hone the skills and competencies of the children & young people we aim to engage with.

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BAP is an evolving theatre company concerned with acting out stories in front of an audience using combinations of speech, gesture, music, dance, sound and spectacle. BAP’s purpose is to create a series of bespoke programmes that provide awareness, reflect issues in the community and empowers participants to create solution-focused ideas, to make a difference, through educative and theatrical art. Through BAP’s shared values and beliefs BAP endeavours to be inclusive to all members of the local and wider community.

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